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The Classroom Decor Club was created by Stephanie Nash from after so many teachers expressed their need for monthly classroom decor. 

Stephanie has been creating resources to help teachers get their classrooms organized and decorated since 2012.

Way back in 2009, she walked into her first teaching job with a 3 drawer Sterilite box… and that’s it!

Her classroom decor consisted of mismatched hand me downs and faded construction paper.  It was not cozy, inviting, and it contributed to the chaos her students were feeling in their space.She was determined to create an environment that was calm, inviting, cozy, and beautiful because some of her students were living in spaces that were far from any of that. 

Over the years, she spent thousands of dollars on packages of classroom decor in stores, only to find she would get tired of it or it ripped and she would have to buy new. (More $$ on her teacher’s salary!!!)  

Soon, she realized she was done with spending the money on decor you can find in stores! She invested in a printer, HP Instant Ink, and began using printable decor.  


Here’s why: 

  • You can customize items to meet the needs in each individual¬†classroom!¬†
  • Items can be reprinted if something tears or is damaged.¬†
  • The value!!!¬†You¬†get so much more for way less than what¬†you will spend in stores.

Stephanie's collections include items that allow you to organize, decorate, and create routines in your classroom. Each collection includes blank templates or editable text, so you can customize to meet the language, text, fonts, etc… needed for your students. 

The Classroom Decor Club is your one stop shop for all things classroom decor & seasonal resources. It is available to all site visitors. Membership includes new collections delivered to you every month. Members also receive a private community, members only resource library of previous collections and multiple full decor collections, and much more!

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